About Us

In the international Gem and jewelry there is a great demand for the Gemstones found in Sri Lanka. Body Jewel is now ready to presents Sri Lankan Gem and jewelry to the world and share with Gem and jewelry lovers the beauty of this rare wealth which nature has been so beautiful to bestow on us. The main activities of Body Jewells include; EXPLORATION, GEM MINING, CUTTING AND POLISHING, JEWELLERY DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING, for whole sale, Retail and Exports.

Giving the world the best of the beauty of nature's glittering lights enhanced by our exclusive designs and the skill of craftsmen for whom the art is a way of life. Now poised to mark a century in business, our reputation is built on the confidence and satisfaction of customers the world over, this is your guarantee.

The range of intricately crafted Gem-Studded jewelry set in 14 and 18 karat Gold and white gold is complemented by Sri Lanka's precious and semi-precious Gem stones.

Body Jewel focus has always been on providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewelry customers who seek excellent value in fine jewelry. For this reason, Body Jewel designs and provides much of its jewelry to meet its customers' tastes and expectations for quality and style. Body Jewel also carries brand-name jewelry allowing the jeweler to offer its customers a wide variety of merchandise at a range of price points. As the best-known name in retail jewelry, Body Jewel has a broad selection of classic and contemporary styles. In addition to diamond fashion jewelry, Body Jewel offers gold, cultured pearls and an extensive wedding jewelry selection.

Body Jewel also offers a fine selection of merchandise on the Internet at With a presentation similar to a Body Jewel store, provides its customers with the convenience of shopping online. In addition, the ‘Product Knowledge’ page is an informative source Body Jewel customers can use to learn more about the proper care and appreciation of jewelry, as well as become educated on their purchase. Leveraging Body Jewel’ strong brand name, provides yet another channel to make a jewelry purchase an enjoyable experience. Throughout its history, Body Jewel has driven change and set standards in the jewelry industry. With its commitment to simplified credit options and convenient shopping through, Body Jewel continues to be the leader in fine jewelry retailing.

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