This section is designed to provide a detailed overview on the subject of basic gemology, crystal formation, crystal growth habits, geology, and the geography associated with gemstone occurrences.

We have also included a knowledge-base on gemstone grading and gemmological analysis and data, mining technologies, gem mine locations, and other peripheral information related to gemology and gemological evaluation.

Gems, Minerals, and Diamonds

Body Jewel Education page is a diamond, colored-gemstone and jewelry database/website that was written from a layperson's perspective, and is designed to bridge the gap between the expert gemologist, and the consumer who can easily get lost in the blizzard of technical jargon. With over 700 pages, and over 2,500 photographs, diagrams, and illustrations, this site is designed to providing interesting information on the subject of gemology, precious and semiprecious gemstones, diamonds, pearls, contemporary jewelry design, jewelry fabrication, mining, gem-cutting history, geography, and the jewellery trade.

Jewelry and Gem History

This section of covers history as it relates to gemstone cutting, diamond cutting, gem trading routes, lapidary history and the history of jewellery dating back to the beginning of recorded time, and the dawn of man.

How, when, where, and more importantly, why was jewelry created? When was the faceted gemstone invented, and where did they first find diamonds? These, and many more questions will be answered within the history pages below.

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