Body Jewel Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to body jewel Guide, where you'll find helpful articles and resources to assist you in your search for the ideal piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking for bridal jewelry like a diamond engagement ring, a set of wedding bands, or a piece of fine jewelry such as one of body jewel's three stone rings, our Buyer's Guide will give you the information you need to confidently navigate the world of jewelry. Since selecting the perfect piece of jewelry requires considering style, personal taste and budget, many feel overwhelmed when selecting a ring, necklace or other item. Body Jewel has assembled a guide that covers basic jewelry education and questions.

We hope that you find this resource helpful in finding a ring, necklace or bracelet that is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

Diamond Jewelry

diamond ring

Does the thought of purchasing diamond jewelry overwhelm you? Whether you're looking for a diamond engagement ring, trying to find the perfect diamond necklace or simply searching for an elegant pair of diamond stud earrings, Body Jewel Diamond Jewelry Guide was created to help. Develop your knowledge of diamond jewelry to become an educated consumer by learning about the 4 Cs, diamond settings, appraisal and more. Useful as a starting point for some or as a refresher for the more experienced, Body Jewel Diamond Jewelry Buyers Guide will give you the confidence to make a wise decision.

Pearl Jewelry

pearl earrings

Discover the intricacies of pearl jewelry with Body Jewel. Prized for their beauty and rarity, pearls have been incorporated into jewelry for thousands of years. Found across the globe, pearls are available in many types and colors, some of which are better than others. Learn what to look for when selecting pearl jewelry to ensure that you find the best necklace, bracelet or set of earrings for yourself or the person you care about. Find it here:Pearl Jewelry Buyers Guide

Gemstone Jewelry

gemstone ring

Communicating style, personality and personal taste, gemstone jewelry is among the most popular forms of adornment. However despite this popularity, the many areas that must be considered when selecting a piece of gemstone jewelry can make this process appear complicated. Don't worry, Body Jewel  Gemstone Jewelry Buyer's Guide will direct you in how to approach details like rarity, color and stone treatments to make your search for that special piece of gemstone jewelry easy and fun.

Birthstone Jewelry


Birthstone jewelry is a unique personalized gift that everyone will love, but with many different charts and lists available it can get tricky. Body Jewel Birthstone Jewelry Guide will give you clarity with an easy-to-understand birthstone chart as well as information on each type of stone. Once the correct stone has been identified, buying birthstone jewelry will be easy. Learn more here: Birthstone Jewelry Buyers Guide

Metals in Jewelry Making

gold ring

The metals used in jewelry making mean so much more than just color; durability, value and comfort are critical too. Our review of jewelry metallurgy will give you a solid understanding of the issues to consider when selecting jewelry and provide some simple questions to ask while shopping for yourself or someone else. Understand the different characteristics of Gold, Silver, Platinum and other metals in jewelry making to make a sound jewelry choice.

Basic Jewelry Care
Since many concentrate on the purchase of their jewelry item, caring for their purchase after the sale is often neglected. As a result, we've created a Basic Jewelry Care Guide to help maximize your enjoyment of wearing jewelry. From articles on How to Keep Your Jewelry Clean, to something as deceptively simple as How to Wear Jewelry, you'll find resources that will help you protect and preserve the jewelry in your collection. No matter your stone, metal or appearance preferences, our Basic Jewelry Care Guide will give you tips on how to keep jewelry clean and looking good for years to come.

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